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How long is a normal session?

Most sessions take 2 to 3 hours. 

Do you photograph small children or toddlers?

Sorry but no. Not our specialty but we do photograph infants!

Will you come to my home?

Yes. Most of our shoots are on location so if your home would serve as a great back drop by all means we could come to you.

What area do you serve?

The greater Kansas City Area.

How much does a session cost?


What is included in the fee?

The actual photoshoot and most of the picture files. The reason we say most of the picture files is we will delete any that are not up to our standards such as if one is blurry for some reason or the subject blinks. After the shoot SK Photography will go through them and make some quick adjustments to ensure overall high quality then SK Photography will choose 10 and edit them in Photoshop to really make them pop. This includes clearing up blemishes, touching up things the might distract from the picture and to basically apply our style to your picture. From there you will be emailed a link to our client page with a password to your gallery. Inside your gallery you will be able to view, like,  download or share your photos.

Will you use our photos for your website?

Yes, but only with your permission of course!

Do you do family portraits?

Yes, but remember some of the personal flair might be lost because it is hard to catch the personality of a group. One of the things we strive to do is capture who you are and with multiple people that makes it more dificult.

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